Why offering support in your customer’s language is non-negotiable

Picture this common scenario. Roberto, an Italian customer who has recently bought one of your products online, is confused by the instructions and wants to speak to your customer service department. He calls up the phone number, but when he gets through, finds there is no one in the office who can speak Italian. He [...]

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Speechly interprets real-time audio conversations in Gaelic for Jabra users

Speechly, the innovative interpretation technology that allows direct conversation between speakers of multiple different languages, has today added nine new languages to its service for Jabra users, including Gaelic. Jabra today confirms that Evolve2 series and BlueParrott C300-XT headsets have been certified for use with the Speechly app and support one-to-one conversations in 35 languages. [...]

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Why is there a shortage of interpreters in the UK?

You are attempting to speak with a member of the public, but you soon realise that their English just isn't good enough to communicate. Your lack of mutual comprehension means you are both left frustrated by the appointment. Without anyone to translate, you struggle to convey what you need to. The UK is currently facing [...]

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When do you need interpreting services?

Did you know that the UK is the second largest market for interpreting services in the world? Home to international businesses, global airports, major conferences and a multicultural population, the services of interpreters are always in demand. If your organisation deals with people who do not speak English as a first language, you might be [...]

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Business interpretation – how much does it really cost?

3.5% of GDP. That is how much the UK's lack of language skills reportedly costs the economy each year. If your business needs to communicate with customers, potential leads or partners who speak languages other than English, ready access to interpretation services is a must.

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Speechly: Join the language translation revolution

For thousands of years, there has only been one way for governments, businesses, individuals and international organisations to communicate when they don’t share a language: hiring interpreters. But what if that were to change? Launching today, Speechly is an artificial intelligence (AI) powered, real-time translation tool. Designed for any organisation which needs to communicate with [...]

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