We live in an increasingly globalised world where more people are travelling, migrating and interacting than ever before. That’s great in so many ways – but it sometimes makes communicating with one another kind of… difficile.

Tala is an innovative company that aims to solve one of the biggest problems of our globalised world: real-time translation.

The Tala story

So, you want to know more about us?
¡ Vamonos !

Tala began in 2019 when hardware company Jabra started working with software firm FITTS.

Jabra makes headphones and speakers which are specifically designed for business communications (you may have used their headsets yourself). Jabra’s customers come from right round the world and the company realised that translation was a problem for many. What if Artificial Intelligence (AI) could help?

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So, Jabra contacted FITTS, who have plenty of experience building apps using AI. Together, we started to grasp the scale of the problem.

Governments, businesses and international organisations are spending vast sums of money on live interpreters. Until now, this was the only way real-time translation could be done.

And that's why we built Tala

FITTS began building Tala to be hard-wired into Jabra’s devices in 2019.

The software uses a type of AI called Natural Language Processing and makes it possible to have two-way conversations in 26 global languages. 

And we’re pretty proud of how well it works! Tala launched in September 2020 and is currently going through initial pilots with UK public sector organisations. And we’re also going through a round of VC investment funding to make Tala even better.

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Tala to the future

The team behind Tala has a passion for using technology to solve real-world problems. Besides translation, we have a number of other exciting projects lined up in the coming months too.

Want to learn how Tala could be used in your organisation?